Blogtalk NI (Episode 7)

The final episode in this series.

Blogtalk (episode 7) from Northern Visions/NvTv on Vimeo.

Geoff from Bobballs and Alan from Belfast form this week's panel. The show features coverage of the Slugger O'Toole Awards, at which Alan picked up the blog gong.


yourcousin said…
I'm a little confused as I've only followed blog talk from here and hence have only a partial picture. Are you saying that there'll be no more shows? If so that is a pity.

I enjoyed the episodes but sometimes felt that while the dialogue was always polite it was sometimes a bit too non-confrontational. The episode with Chris Donnolly and Burke's Corner guy was a perfect example. While civility should be observed the give and take of a good debate is what makes alot of blogs worth reading.

Though I am the first to admit that I love being able to fact check before making an argument as it keeps me from putting my foot in my mouth too often. Which is also another plus for blogs over a talk show format.
Owen Polley said…
There will be a new series I believe and an attempt to improve the production values.

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