Thursday, 31 December 2009

Praise from Caesar! John Coulter loves Irish bloggers. We just keep pumping shite!

O'Neill has broken the news already, but the unionist blogging triumverate Bobballs, Three Thousand Versts and Unionist Lite, have won an award!

This site's favourite political commentator, John Coulter of the Irish Daily Star, has nominated us for his 'Gobshite of the Year' gong. It is hard not to feel humbled, perhaps even ashamed!

The Gobshite Cup goes to Irish political blogging for all its terrific support of the Fearless Flying Column in 2009.

Top sites are the UUP arse-licking Bobballs, A Pint of Unionist Lite, and Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness. Keep pumping out that shite folks; sorry, that should read informed political comment

Fear not John! None of the 'shite-pumpers' have any immediate plans for retirement.


Timothy Belmont said...

First I've heard of this chap Coulter. Sounds as if he ought to know all about verbal excreta himself. Amusing, though.

Anonymous said...

From a man who writes anti unionist drivel to sate the requirements of his southern paymaster this is a rare compliment especially since his father now, after 80 years, finally has an MBE.

I think you should try your utmost to win it again next year by supporting a CU victory.

Gonzo said...

My first thought while reading Coulter was: "And he's accusing OTHER people of writing shite!"