Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Whichever party wins next election cuts will be inevitable.

If you were to believe increasingly anti-Conservative DUP propaganda, a Labour victory at the next election would render Northern Ireland immune to spending cuts. The government too wishes to propagate the myth that only a Tory government would seek to trim public expenditure, as the recession begins to ease.

Nick Robinson cuts through received wisdom and argues that, on the basis of the Treasury’s own projections, there will be cuts, irrespective of which party is in power. Of course Northern Ireland will be effected, in common with other parts of the United Kingdom. But only within a Conservative government can local politicians play a role in shaping national economic policy.


Anonymous said...

There will have to be cuts to the whole of the UK and we will not be immune from them. We need to start planning now for these cuts no matter who is elected it will make no difference.

Professional management of our finances with cuts in non essential expenditure need to be planned now.

Are the people in place to do it - NO!

Anonymous said...

Anti-Conservative UUP propoganda surely?

Chekov said...

If you say so.