Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Stormont member not softened by Ulster Scots' porn

From the Guardian. It seems David McNarry is adopting a predictable position over Flesh Gordon.

The porn film is being treated to an Ulster Scots' voiceover as part of the Belfast Film Festival. But the Strangford MLA remains stiffly opposed to the movie's inclusion in a festival which receives funding from DCAL.

Indeed McNarry suggests that the next time a porn film is put before Stormont, people should look 'all the harder' at it, which would enable MLAs to take a firm grip on the situation. You can see where he's coming from.


Timothy Belmont said...

The operative words being "hardened" and "member".

Really sorry, couldn't resist that! :-)

Hernandez said...

I can see the main thrust of his argument - it's probably his duty to grab this issue by the balls. I'm sure Sir Reg is on top of things though.

Anonymous said...
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Chekov said...

Sorry my friend. I can't be having links posted to David McNarry's favourite website. ;-)