Is it appropriate to give this man an honorary knighthood?

It is not often I have reason to point 'Three Thousand Versts' regulars in the direction of a Daily Mail piece. But this article by Andrew Roberts, who is apoplectic about the decision to award Senator Edward Kennedy an honorary knighthood, is worth reading.

Kennedy has been an implacable foe of our United Kingdom. Charles points out that this is a man who suggested unionists in Northern Ireland "should be given a decent opportunity to go back to Britain".

I have no wish to make myself a regular passenger on the Mail's Outrage Express, but on this particular occasion its anger is justified.


Timothy Belmont said…
I know, it is all pretty distasteful isn't it? Mind you, when we see life peerages and knighthoods being handed out willy-nilly it is not that surprising.
I threw in my tuppence-worth on the great prelate, Cranmer's column.

Glyn Chambers said…
Appropriate? It is completely ridiculous. Are we really so desperate to curry an extra morsel of favour with the new Democrat ascendancy that we even hand out high honours to sworn enemies of our country? It makes us look like puny, weak and an international laughing stock.

Then again, when the country is run by anti-patriots what do you expect?
stuff said…
The war in Northern Ireland is over!! Many people made comments during the 'troubles' that they would not make today. Ted Kennedy's contribution to getting us to where we are today is without question.
There is peace in the United Kingdom! so an honourary knighthood, whether it is of any real significance or not, for people like Ted Kennedy who helped get us here is a small but positive gesture.
Ignited said…
I think it rather more interesting that Ted Kennedy is going to accept the honour.
Anonymous said…
I love the irony and lack of principle in so-called Irish-America.
Stuff said…
Surely to not accept the offer of an "honour" would be a snub to the Queen?
Right wing extremists would then be complaining about Ted Kennedy for insulting the UK.
Perhaps the "irony" is that Irish America has moved on and accepted that the war is over while the victims of irish america still hold a grudge?

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