Earth to Rafa! We're only playing for one trophy now.

BBC’s football service reports that Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez faces a ’make or break week’. The Spaniard feels that the club’s season hinges on two games. One being tomorrow’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid, another being Saturday’s Premier League match at Old Trafford.

Rafa does face a ’make or break’ week. He must ensure that his charges salvage some possibility of winning a major prize this season by retaining their first leg advantage over Europe’s most decorated club. Saturday is just for pride.

And if there is even a shred of complacency shown by the home team tomorrow, then all hope of adorning the cabinet with another trophy will be gone for another season. Liverpool could easily lose 2-1 or allow Madrid to take the match to extra time. Especially if Benitez does not set up his side to go and win the game.

Positivity is key. And Reds supporters haven’t seen much of that since Newcastle were beaten 5-1.


CW said…
A brilliant performance by the Spanish side.

Real Madrid weren't so good though.
Ted Leddy said…
I am in fact an ABL fan, anyone but Liverpool. Three months ago I was a Liverpool spporter. But I can never forgive them for their treatment of Robbie Keane.
Hernandez said…
Young Spearing had a decent game when he came on.

Doubt we will see the same performance at Old Trafford.
Chekov said…
I feel rather vindicated by my positivity comments. That's the way I like to see football played. Press the opposition when they've got the ball, attempt to score a goal when you've got it.

"Three months ago I was a Liverpool spporter."

True love runs deep! :-/ I managed to get over the Reds' cruel release of David Larmour I must confess.


Yes and so do I.

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