Sunday, 4 January 2009

A better class of 'Down and Out' drinks port!

Previously I commended to my readers the blog ‘Down and Out in Lenzie and Lossiemouth’ which never fails to amuse me. Sadly Hernandez has been blogging rather infrequently during the last number of months, but there has been a sudden burst of activity over the holiday period, as well as a tantalising clue as to which reasons might lie behind the site’s temporary dormancy.

Wishing his readers happy New Year and reflecting on his own ambitions for 2009, Hernandez writes,

“I am aiming to ease back on the bottle and find some stability. My blog has suffered recently due to excessive drinking.”

I wish Hernandez all the best in his endeavours, although I would suggest that it is bad sign that on January 2 a new post appeared reviewing an expensive type of port which he has taken to drinking. Seemingly as an aperitif before setting about the Jack Daniels!

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Timothy Belmont said...

I'm more worried about posting immediately after a few stiff gins or glasses of plonk! I enjoy a drink too. It occasionally makes me wonder whether I was wise to publish something; though, to be honest, I don't really regret anything I've posted. It can make you more candid and less discreet.
I'm talking about 2 or 3 drinks here; I'm never close to falling of the old pew!