Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Long and winding roads....

Some of my favourite Google searches which have linked readers to this site over the past month.

Daniel O’Donnell

DUP idiot in Europe

fred cobain blog "gaelic" -kurt -curt -nirvana -frances -bean

Who are the taigs in Ireland?

If you're responsible for number 3, get help!


Kloot said...

If you're responsible for number 3, get help

Surely No.1 deserves the same recommendation ;)

Chekov said...

Lol. Fair point Kloot!

nimh said...

Yeah, going through the Google searches in your web stats is pretty funny sometimes.

I still pity the people (plural) who came to our blog looking for "where to send resumes to obama", "bengali kitten" or - one of my favourites - "I hate politics".

Not to mention the dozen or so who came looking for "erect penises" (once in combination with "cage").

Of course, with a bit of luck now they'll come to your site too ;-)