Friday, 9 January 2009

Adams - possible premature senility?

I give you the second of Gerry Adams' blog pieces. It is awe-inspiringly incoherent. Had the bearded wonder taken some manner of dodgy mushroom before, gibbering incoherently, dare I say it, shivering in a blanket, he pecked out this chef-d'oeuvre of republican blogging? Perhaps he simply forgot to take his medication?


Turgon said...

I agree that it looks fairly poor but I suspect it is designed to look that way. This is an attempt to ahve our cuddly bearded friend Gerry. The fact that at least a few unionist comments are also permitted is to my mind further evidence of this. It is all about trying to make Gerry "one of us," rather than what he actually is.

Anonymous said...

Love this one.........

If you thought the loyalists were out of their minds just wait until you see the psycho's that come out of the woodwork to comment on your blog. You are such a decent and gentle human being, why wade into the muck.

Liz from New York.