Friday, 23 January 2009

Just go!

No, not Caitriona Ruane this time.

Although it hardly represents an excuse for some dismal on field performances, Liverpool’s high league position has been achieved despite an unseemly boardroom civil war which has drawn in manager Rafa Benitez.

The club’s American owners have not delivered on promises which they made when they took over the club. In addition the relationship between the pair has deteriorated to the point that the tandem is unworkable.

Ominously George Gillett does not appear to have agreed to negotiations, but if the Kuwaiti family with whom Tom Hicks is discussing a sale is even reasonably conscientious, they would offer a distinct improvement to the Americans.

To Hicks and Gillett I say – sell, go away, don’t come back.


fair_deal said...

And take Rafa with you

Dinamo said...

No one sympathises with such desperation! As the ladies who stand on Kitai Gorod and Tverskaya you don't get love and affection from westerners - you just get the money and then they leave.

Hernandez said...

...but thanks for Torres and Mascherano.

Chekov said...

Why should we thank them for Torres and Mescherano? They didn't pay for them. they simply added them to the debts which they pay through the club!