Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Victory for Northern Ireland and the IFA!

The IFA and Howard Wells may finally have proved their worth by forcing FIFA to confront the issue of the partitionist FAI poaching the original Ireland football team’s players.

It looks likely the FIFA’s statutes will be applied (the decision should be announced today), despite the fallacious idea that the breakaway association are entitled to quote the Good Friday Agreement and present themselves as some manner of all Ireland team.

From now on players born in Northern Ireland will only be eligible for Northern Ireland, unless they qualify via parent or grandparent for the Republic.

Of course this is merely copper-fastening the original gentleman’s agreement which the predatory southern association had reneged on. The decision will not operate retrospectively and Darron Gibson, who precipitated the IFA pursuing the issue, can continue to play for the breakaway team.

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Toddrpr said...

My mates, cousin's, flatmates brother-in-law's work mate works for the IFA and says Stevie Staunton is being lined up as a possible successor to Nigel Worthington.