Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Deteriorating situation in Ingushetia indictment of ethnic policies

One of the failures of Vladimir Putin’s administration has been his handling of the nationalities issue in the Russian Federation. I discussed the ethnic basis of regional government which Putin has been happy to perpetuate in a previous post.

A failure to attempt to foster civic coherence and act against preferential treatment based on ethnicity is a dangerous recipe for ethnic strife when coupled with a preference for strong armed regional leadership.

In the Caucasian Republic of Ingushetia ethnic violence has been a daily occurrence for some months now. A mixture of nationalist separatism which for years has spilt over from neighbouring Chechnya, Islamist terrorism and resentment at the imposition by Putin of President Murad Zyazikov, is contributing to a potentially explosive situation.

It is no mere coincidence that the violence has taken a predominantly ethnic form with all non-Ingush possible targets.

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