Monday, 22 October 2007

Destroying the culture of Divis

The Angrytown News today highlights the plight of tenants in a complex of flats in Divis.

Pyjama police
The unhappy tenant hit out at “the pyjama police who patrol the corridors”.
“Who do they think they are telling us we cannot wear PJs?
“Loads of women around Divis wear pyjamas going about their daily business, it’s part of our culture,” she added.

We'll be hearing that human rights are being infringed next.

N.b. (Picture does not depict a Divis resident)


Toddrpr said...

Is there any particular reason why pjs are banned? Is it because when one gets a semi, it is much more noticeable?

Do you have any pictures representing a typical resident?

Chekov said...

Not that I know of. Although I'm sure I have one of your mother somewhere that could do the job. ;-)