Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Cultural diversity is a tasty dish

The intricacies of a loyalist bandsman's run in with Anna Lo, are a little bit slippery. The Irish News claims that a loyalist demonstration is being organised to protest against the MLA because she addressed a letter to him which included his band's name. The band contends that it is protesting at a number of injustices visited by the Parades' Commission.

Nevertheless it does seem that the route chosen is deliberately taking in the Donegal Pass in order to stop at Lo's constituency office there. The area is the heart of South Belfast's Chinese community.

Whether there is an element of racism to the planning of this parade or not, you can't help but get a hoot from the spokesman's disclaimer of this and assertion of the tolerance of its participants.

"The fact that she is Chinese does not, in the eyes of the band, impart any blame or responsibility for her foolishness on to the wider Chinese community.

"Indeed, many of the bandsmen may on their way home enjoy a Chinese meal

My only other comment would be that organising a parade of 3000 people to protest at a letter which the sender has since apologised for sending, might be ....... JUST A SLIGHT OVERREACTION!!!

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