Monday, 1 October 2007

Eeee Iiiii Eeeee Iiiii Eeeee Iiiii ohhhhh!

Up the political bloggers league we go!

I recall an incident in the Ukraine when a young tennis player was introduced to a cohort of Northern Ireland supporters. "I'm the 86th best Under 21 tennis player in Ukraine", was greeted with the rejoinder "that's a coincidence. I know the fella who's 52nd".

I'm trying hard not to exercise the same cynicism on learning that this blog has been named by popular vote as 224th best political blog in the UK for the purposes of Iain Dale's book. A couple of other notable blogs linked to this site were in and around the same area.

221 Young Unionists 222 Clive Davis 223 Media Lens 224 Three Thousand Versts... 225 Remittance Man 226 A Pint of Unionist Lite

Hopefully, considering the relatively short time the site has been going, this means the output is read and appreciated by some of you. Many thanks to those who voted.

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