In order to keep the commenting process as simple as possible, and in order to avoid requiring commenters to sign up with some type of I.D., anonymous commenting is enabled on this blog.

However, due to an increasing amount of spam on Blogger, anonymous comments are not moderated with any great care and may be deleted.

The courteous thing is to use a handle, or a name, and stick to it. You don't have to have a Google or a Yahoo account. Simply use the box provided when you're commenting, or add a signature at the bottom of your post. Of course this system is also open to abuse, but at least it encourages people to make their comments attributable.

The surest way to guarantee your view is put across on Three Thousand Versts is to use a registered account, the second surest is to consistently use a non-registered handle. Those who choose to stay completely anonymous have no right of reply necessarily and their contributions may be deleted accidentally or otherwise, along with spam.

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