Thursday, 16 July 2009

London 2012 event to hit Northern Ireland

The organisers of London 2012 are keen to encourage a sense of ownership and participation throughout the United Kingdom.

Although the games themselves will be based in the capital, the bid was prepared on the basis that benefits would accrue nationally. Given the quantity of tax payers’ money required to stage a successful Olympics it is necessary that people across the country feel that they are being included in the festivities.

Such is the spirit behind a series of ‘Open Weekends’ which will take place each year, in the run up to the London games, in an attempt to spread an ethos of involvement throughout Britain’s regions. Last month Northern Ireland’s goal-scoring hero, David Healy MBE, launched the local event which will take place in a variety of venues from the 24 – 26 July.

The programme seems varied enough to interest most people. And although it is unclear whether any British Olympic symbols will be displayed, surely this is a weekend with UK wide benefits which even the most churlish could not object to.


Gaw said...

I wish the whole thing were relocated to Belfast.

Seccsy Phuker said...

Belfast is a proper shitehole

Gaw said...

I don't see any reason why the whole country can't benefit more fully from London 2016.

Again, we see to be seeing London benefit disproportionately compared to every other region including English ones.

Didn't the Greek Olympics share out the sites over a wider area?