Saturday, 25 July 2009

Blogging break

If I'm honest July has been rather patchy in terms of traffic in any case, so it's an appropriate time to take a break. I'm off to France, Brittany to be exact, and I'd be very surprised if I find the time to post anything. Comment moderation will shortly be operating, purely because of the enormous quantities of bile and rubbish which have surfaced over the past couple of months.


O'Neill said...

You have obviously chosen France because of the prevalence of Red, White and Blue there, displaying your subconscious sectarianism...I've said it to avoid your most recent fan the effort;)

Have fun.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hope you have a great time and the weather is kind to you.


yourcousin said...

Enjoy Brittany. I'll always have a soft spot for that area being that I proposed to my wife at Mont St. Michel on New Years Eve. Just beware of Breton nationalism.