Friday, 26 June 2009

Sammy's credentials underlined

Lest you should question Sammy Wilson's credentials for taking the finance ministry (he taught economics at a secondary school), Peter Robinson fills in the vital details. He was head of department and set some exam papers. Roll over Milton Friedman!

H/T Rodney McCune


loki said...

Having read the latest DUP press release in Sammy's name I am now worried that his CV's a bit dodgy. How the hell can Westminster cut NI's budget under the Conservatives for 9 out of 11 departments? Surely it's a block grant for the economics teacher at Stormont to divide up? (according tho how his boss tells him to of course)
The DUPes are getting worse- they're not even trying to pretend they're a real party, they're just showing themslves up as bullies and incompetents

loki said...

Pleease!! There won't be hundreds of bye-elections if all DUP ministers leave councils. There are 36 DUP MLAs- a few who aren't councillors, and some of those would be co-opted. Also there are what? 5 ministers? That makes for way less than "hundreds" of bye-elcetions as Robbo so blythely (and falsely) claimed

Jimmy Glass said...

Wow - Peter Robinson's getting fatter and fatter.

Someone should tell him that just because he's able to get £30,000 of free food doesn't mean he has to eat £30,000 of food.