Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Disturbing phrase of the day

Evidence if any were needed that ‘Dr’ John Coulter is mad as a March hare! ‘Dishy Diane Dodds’! *Shudders*


Anonymous said...

Actually very funny! That august political organ the Irish Daily Star: whose readership generally buy it to see who has got their baps out most recently, is always excellent value for a laugh!

My prediction: DUP, SF and UCUNF will each win a seat. The only interesting thing will be who comes first: I suppose in that sense it is a return to the status quo.

O'Neill said...

"Jim Nicholson, now he's being politically bonked by the Tories."

That image quite put me off my coffee and jaffa cakes that!

Regarding the EU election, it was a funny piece, although in that context not sure how appropriate the Catholic Church paedophilia part was at the end.

Gary said...

I believe it will be the DUP, UUP and Scum Fein also, I also believe that the UCUNF will give the DUP a bloody nose. As to who comes tops, IF Scum Fein do, it really is irrelevant IMHO.

Anonymous said...

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