Thursday, 11 June 2009

Independently minded? Brown can rely on one loyal supporter to the end.

It’s hardly a surprise. I suspect Lady Hermon might vote for Gordon Brown to become Prime Minister for life, if legislation to that effect were put before the House of Commons. A sizeable chunk of the Labour leader’s cabinet has deserted him, but the member for North Down is a die hard loyalist. She’s like Ed Balls without any influence.

In a motion put before the House yesterday evening calling for a general election, Hermon voted against all the opposition parties (other than the SDLP) who supported the motion and with the dying, discredited government. Perhaps she thinks the electorate need not be consulted at all and that Gordon (who plainly knows best) should continue to exercise his wisdom as some manner of benevolent dictator.


Timothy Belmont said...

It does sound ironic, but it probably wouldn't do HM Opposition any detriment for Mr Brown to remain till the general election. To my mind, it's not in the Country's best interest; however that is another matter.
Lady Hermon must be examining her position. If she cannot accept the Conservatives and Unionists as a political entity, she must either declare her intention to stand as an independent, join another party or retire.


Chekov said...

I believe, if she is to retain any integrity whatsoever, she must either retire or take the Labour whip. Her so called independence is disingenuous. I don't think it would do the opposition any harm for GB to remain as PM either, but the issue is getting the election now, not replacing him as Labour leader. We need a new PM - but not a Labour one.

loki said...

I see the DUP rolled into line with the Conservatives for the ifrst time in a year. Even they can see which way the wind is blowing. No surprise with Sylvia though. I'm sure her party leader is delighted it her performance

O'Neill said...

"I see the DUP rolled into line with the Conservatives for the ifrst time in a year."


(I think) they voted with the Conservatives on the Ghurka motion a couple of months back

JMT said...

She has been rumbled in Northe Down.

Jim Kilfedder, although an independent Unionist, was a conservative in all but name and re-elected unopposed each time. Only since his death has the seat flown back and forward between other parties.

Supporting Brown will do her no favours. My elderly mother is disgusted.

Anonymous said...


Actually, the DUP votes with the Tories in excess of 90% of the time. FFS, get over the 42-day thing!