Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sammy Wilson the 'ultra nationalist hard man'?

Iain Dale has highlighted the release of a political thriller with the rather instructive title 'Rogue Nation' which takes as its premise Scotland's secession from the United Kingdom. To be perfectly honest it sounds like a crock of the proverbial (although I'd happily take receipt of a review copy if the publisher wishes to prove me wrong).

According to Scotland on Sunday's review the novel's 'ultra unionist hard man' (thank you FD) is called Sammy Wilson. Given the 'ourselves alone' predilections of the character's DUP namesake, I'd venture that 'ultra nationalist' would have been more appropriate.


Timothy Belmont said...

I posted a comment which didn't go down too well with one particular Scots nationalist! Got under the predator's skin, perhaps. :-)


fair_deal said...

Slight problem with this post you got the quote wrong it describes the Sammy Wilson character as the Ultra-unionist hardman

"Sammy Wilson, ultra-unionist hard man from Dennistoun, denounces yet one more betrayal of the loyalist working-class."

Chekov said...

Tim - what a little charmer you've found there.

FD - that will teach me for not reading the review properly.