Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Joint candidates plan seeks UUP executive nod of approval

To follow up on Frank Millar’s Irish Times’ article, a reputable source has confirmed to me that his understanding is, Millar is correct. A UUP executive meeting this week will consider proposals to select joint candidates and fight joint campaigns in forthcoming European and Westminster elections with the Conservative and Unionist Party. Should a 65% majority assent, the proposals will be accepted, otherwise the matter will come before an extraordinary general meeting.

If this information is correct, it represents precisely the type of progress this blog has been calling for. It would also, presumably, be enough to justify David Cameron addressing the Ulster Unionist party conference at the start of December.

Without a formulated deal, the DUP has tried to undermine efforts and drag the UUP back into the morass of sectarian politics. No doubt an announcement will see an intensification of the Democratic Unionist campaign. The UUP must work hard to get behind its vision and explain it to the electorate, when, if, progress is made.

Update: I am informed that due to the sad death of Sir Jack Hermon there will be a short delay in detail coming before the executive meeting. The new meeting has been convened for 20 November.

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