Thursday, 20 November 2008

Conservative - UUP negotiations near successful conclusion

Tonight is decision night for the Ulster Unionist executive (you read it here first). A 65% majority would commit the party to fielding joint candidates with David Cameron’s Conservatives in the European election next year and the Westminster contest beyond that.

Mark Devenport reports that the only serious sticking point which remains is agreeing a name. 'The Conservative and Unionist Council' is one option, whilst many UUP members would favour an additional 'Ulster'.

Although an official name for the unionist ‘movement’ is not a life or death issue, I would suggest that ‘Conservative and Ulster Unionist’ offers clarity and continuity which can only be beneficial to both parties.

The arrangements which seem to have been reached represent a successful conclusion to negotiations. A Conservative and Ulster Unionist Committee will be formed in order to reach consensus and run joint candidates. The two parties will retain separate identities, but the link will be formal, explicit and provides access to genuine national party politics for the Northern Irish electorate.


Timothy Belmont said...

Sounds good to me. For what it's worth, I used to be chairman of Victoria Unionist Association in the days when the (in)famous Tommy Patten bawled everyone down! He was a strong character; and his wife was stronger still. The Power Behind The Throne. That was the early eighties when I was in my twenties!


fair_deal said...

"UUP members would favour an additional 'Ulster'."

Nationalists!?! ;) (joke)

Ignited said...

All good.

Athough I'm concerned that the first UUP response was by an individual member rather than an official statement by Sir Reg. (see slugger).

Any git (including myself) could go round giving statements!

Anonymous said...

Good news Sir Reg has taken a strong and bold move this will take us back into the heart of political decision making in London

Anonymous said...

This signals the beginning of the endfor the UUP - there will be no Ulster Unionist MPs or MEPs
But if this new body can bring NI into the politcal mainstream that's great.
Maybe it would be better just to speed up the merger?

Anonymous said...

Sir Reg must be sitting anxiously to see if this merger will lead to any defections