Friday, 28 November 2008

Green arrest poses questions for Home Office and Met

Whichever way you look at it, the arrest of shadow Home Office minister, Damian Green, was an extraordinary event. Reportedly 9 (nine) anti-terrorism officers from the Met Police attended the MP's apprehension!

More bizarre still was the explanation for Mr Green’s arrest. Purportedly it was for publishing documents received from a Civil Service ‘whistleblower’. Government leaks are an established means by which the opposition garner information as to the workings of government.

The Prime Minister and Home Secretary claim to have had no prior knowledge that the arrest would be made. How far this is attributable to maintaining ‘plausible deniability’ remains to be seen.

The arrest certainly made for a bad day for Parliament. Its ability to hold the executive to account has suffered a reverse. It will be interesting to see if anything further comes out of this, because on existing information, it is the Home Office and Met Police which emerge from the incident with most questions to answer.

Whether an investigation into Green's conduct is justified will emerge in time, but the nature of his arrest certainly has all the hallmarks of a huge error of judgment.

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