Monday, 29 September 2008

Queens censoring political conversation on weblogs?

I’ve just had a text message from a concerned Three Thousand Versts reader (er, ok, it was my girlfriend) who has just discovered that this blog has been prohibited by Queens for its new term. In fact the ‘all weblogs and social interaction sites’ are apparently now blocked between 9-5pm.

Now whilst I understand that QUB wish to keep computers free for students to work, rather than to update Facebook, weblogs are often involved in discussions which have direct academic relevance. Why should Queens’ students not be involved in the type of open ended dialogue promoted on this site and others?

Whilst I’m sure the intention is not censorship, the effects might be rather similar. Is it really beneficial for students to be deprived of access to Iain Dale, Slugger, Guido Fawkes etc?


d@\/ e said...

That is crazy. Back in 2005 I compiled and posted info on the Northern Irish literary happenings in a blog called 'wait till i tell ye' and nearly every visitor was from a university.

Who's Iain Dale, Slugger, Guido Fawkes anyway?, ;-)

Ignited said...

I'm still studying at the minute and I have to say it would be a lot more convenient to be able to blog when I'm in QUB instead of trying to rehash something later on!

Will stick an email through and ask for the reason.