Thursday, 11 September 2008

Johnston distances himself from sexist remarks

Ulster Unionist Fermanagh by election candidate Basil Johnston must be congratulated for swiftly moving to distance himself from unfortunate comments made by former MLA Sam Foster to the effect that DUP candidate Arlene Foster's role as wife and mother would mitigate against her effectively doing her political job. Whether these remarks were sexist, or whether they were merely unfortunately expressed, undoubtedly they represented an unacceptable attack. Arlene Foster's candidature should be questioned, on the grounds that she is already an MLA and a minister. Her status as a mother and a wife is irrelevant. Whether Sam Foster recognises that or not, Basil Johnston certainly does.


Ignited said...

Good to see Johnston's response. But the damage is done.

Chekov said...

The damage is by no means irrecoverable. Johnston is the candidate, not Sam Foster.