Monday, 15 September 2008

In support of clod-hopping Tyrone GAA types!

I am not known for my love of County Tyrone nor for my interest in GAA, however I managed to drive to Enniskillen and back over the weekend, past Dungannon, through Augher, Clougher, Fivemiletown etc., without noting anything either intimidating or offensive. Two wrongs don’t make a right and complaining about a Tyrone GAA pennant on a car in a car-park is as pathetic as objecting to a British Olympic Association flag or the infamous 'Boots’ Union Flag'.

Provided it doesn’t entail dragging their sofas unto the streets of Belfast, then getting blocked before playing hurling amongst cars, the people of Tyrone are entitled to enjoy their sport and culture unencumbered. Perhaps both sides here need to start treating others as they would wish to be treated themselves as a preliminary to arguing their own case for discrimination.


CW said...

"playing hurling amongst cars"! You must be joking - Tyrone are crap at hurling!

Hernandez said...

Shinty is better.

Anonymous said...

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