Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Because they care!

DUP anxiety about the welfare of Ulster Unionist party members has rapidly become an obsession. Previously their concern was for North Belfast MLA Fred Cobain and whether talks between the UUP and the Conservatives were upsetting for him. It soon transpired that there was nothing to worry about.

Now that Cobain has become the party’s chief whip, the dupes are no longer so attentive. Instead they have turned their fastidious attention toward David McNarry, the outgoing whip, who (despite the new job as finance spokesman which awaits him) they insist is being ‘punished’ or ‘demoted’.

I’ve no doubt that McNarry will soon assure Dundela Avenue that everything is just fine. The DUP’s pastoral care must have come on a lot since the days of Paul Berry. It’s really rather touching.

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Ignited said...

I love the 'because we care' headline lol!

'We want the UUP to succeed. Really, we do!'