Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fermanagh by election results as they happen

First count

Sinn Féin (Coyle) 1815
SDLP (Flanaghan) 739
DUP (Foster) 1925
UUP (Johnston) 1436
Alliance (Kamble) 231
Independent Republican (McHugh) 158

Quota 3153

SF have asked for a recount. Assuming the results are upheld, Alliance, SDLP and Independent Republican will drop out for the second count.

Second Count

UUP 1640
DUP 1994
SF 2327

Arlene Foster is likely to win after UUP transfers are distributed.

Final count

DUP 3165
SF 2383

Nothing more to see here. I will not be a hypocrite and pore over results. There is little surprising or particularly instructive here.


Anonymous said...

Extending congratulations to the Ulster Unionist Party Candidate Sir Reg continued: "This is an excellent result for Basil Johnston and represents very clear evidence that the UUP is firmly on the road to recovery. It indicates that the Dromore result wasn't a mere blip, he added."

Oh Dear! I really worry when Reg thinks that this result is indicative of being "firmly on the road to recovery". This result is flatlining at 2005 levels of support. In no way could anyone see this as a positive result.

If the UUs don't produce a rationale for existence soon, they'll be luck to hold on to what they've got through the next Euro / Westminster / Assembly election cycle.

Anonymous said...

I fear for the future of the UUP.

Chekov said...

I would agree that he is offering an very optimistic spin on the result. My approach is that this election can't be used to judge general trends. I believe Reg would've been better to play down its significance.