Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Keane does not complete the jigsaw

Sometimes I weary even myself with the negativity I bring to following football. However I must again register scepticism as to whether investing £20m in Robbie Keane is likely either to provide the crucial part of the jigsaw which brings the title to Anfield or represent good value, considering that the player is a 28 year old centre forward.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Keane is a good player, and I’m pleased to have him at the club. I just wonder whether, at the price, if he is to form the centrepiece to Rafa Benitez’s close season reshuffle, whether that is enough. Rumours abound that flush with cash from the Keane transfer, Tottenham will attempt to lure David Villa to north London. Without slighting Keane, I know which player I would rather have linking up with Fernando Torres, and which player I believe would be more likely to provide the impetus for a title challenge. Neither do I believe that Gareth Barry offers the answer for Rafa Benitez, particularly at the expense of a world class midfielder like Xabi Alonso.

Keane is a subtle player with an eye for goal. He should provide a crafty foil for Liverpool’s Number 9 with his clever link up play. But Liverpool need much more than Robbie Keane to win the Premiership.


Anonymous said...

Liverpool won't win the permiership just because they signed Keane, but he is a far better player than Peter Crouch. He's not just skillful but very committed and hard working. He's a Liverpool fan, which always helps. I think he will prove to be better value than say, Michael Owen has been for Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

Can't see Spurs signing David Villa, although they're on the verge of splashing out £18m on David Bentley. Keane will be a good signing for Liverpool, intelligent player who will work well alongside Torres.


Chekov said...

Aye. Bentley's departure is one of the first acts in Blackburn being relegated.

Anonymous said...

Well we finished above Spurs so it's clearly a backward step for Bentley ;-)

Dinamo said...

It's nice to know he's a boyhood fan and for £80k / week will wear the No 7 shirt worn by dalglish and keegan in the 1970s. Is n't that enough?