Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cyber-nationalism on the rise

The Economist carries an article highlighting the rise of ‘cyber nationalism’ (I tip my hat to O’Neill for this one). The crux of the piece is that the internet is making it easier than ever before for nationalists to disseminate material and organise activities, with all the chauvinistic baggage that that entails. The magazine gives a series of examples from around the globe, but a quick examination of the blogosphere closer to home would have revealed that nationalist propaganda is not the preserve of America, Russia or Serbia. If the web were your only guide, you would conclude that the United Kingdom is composed of tribes who loathe each other and are straining to break a union in which they remain only because they are coerced into doing so.


Graycrow said...

Speaking as an Irish nationalist, happily dwelling in the republic, I have to agree. But, that's life.

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