Friday, 25 July 2008

Pictures from St Petersburg and environs (2)

Zenit fans in buoyant mood?

Raskalnikov's part of town. Near Sennaya Ploschad (haymarket square).

And the house where it has been deduced Dostoevsky intended the student to live.

The palace at Tsarskoe Selo (formerly known as Pushkin).

Built by the last Tsar, Alexander Palace in Pushkin is not so well maintained.

A memorial to the murdered Romanovs.

More real for its dereliction. Alexander Palace.

The palace's overgrown main approach.

Palace on the Fontanka.

Statue in the Summer Gardens.

Siege of Leningrad depicted in Socialist Realist art.

St Issac's Square from the church's colonnade.

View toward the docks.

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