Thursday, 17 July 2008

Some pictures from Moscow (1)

St Basil's from Red Square, in the evening.

Tower blocks on Ryanzanksy Prospekt.

Red square and the Kremlin walls.

Dostoevsky in front of Lenin Library.

Sheltering from the rain in Park Kultury's Sculpture Park.

And the fountains in Gorky Park 45 minutes later!

Soviet art in the metro.

The Proletarian poet Mayakovsky.

Patriarch's Pond, where Bulgakov's devil appears in Master and Margherita.


CW said...

Welcome back Chekov. Looks like you made the most of Moscow.

Hernandez said...

Adopting the classic spy pose in that last photo there!

Chekov said...

A clever spy makes himself look like a tourist! ;-)