Feedback on layout needed

On and off today I’ve been tinkering with the new ‘My blog list’ links menu which has been made available on Blogger. Personally I am torn as to whether it offers much of an improvement, or whether it simply adds more clutter to the screen. To surmise, basically the links menu updates whenever a new story is posted on a linked site. I’ve decided to leave a few sites linked through this new menu over the weekend and if anyone finds it useful please leave a comment below. Otherwise I might just stick with the straight, alphabetical list of sites only.


O'Neill said…
For me anyway it's made downloading the site a bit slower.

How about concentrating on one general site eg Slugger and place it lower under your normal links section?
Owen Polley said…
Cheers O'Neill I'll maybe do something like that. The download time's ok with this connection, but I do appreciate that sites with long download times (and Slugger's one for me) are a pain.
Owen Polley said…
o'neill, is the loading time any better with less sites featured?
O'Neill said…
I was mucking about with it myself and on my computer, yes- so I only have Our Kingdom up on my site.
Owen Polley said…
Cheers. I've just left Slugger and the Guardian's politics blog up, as they'll carry Irish and UK stories respectively. Hope this helps. All these widgets are very tempting, but they can get out of hand if you have too many.

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