Monday, 9 June 2008

Czechs and Poles fail to convince

A few words about a rather lacklustre first weekend in the European Championships. Nigel Worthington should be a relatively happy man after he watched two matches featuring forthcoming opponents and neither proved particularly awe-inspiring. The Czechs at least managed to win their match against a Swiss side which should really have gained something from a dreary spectacle. Poland produced neater football at times, in a 2-0 defeat to Germany, but were easily outclassed in the end and carried little goal threat.

I must confess that despite Czech Republic vs. Switzerland being the first match of the Championship, I did pick up a book and merely half-watched the game throughout most of the second half, it was so bereft of excitement. From the moments I did watch though, the Czechs produced an oddly incoherent performance, with Jan Koller stranded on his own up front and proving ineffective. They desperately needed a player with enough craft and thrust to provide a threat from midfield. Injured Thomas Rosicky was badly missed.

In contrast Poland’s clash with Germany offered the brightest entertainment and most convincing quality of the tournament so far. The best two players on the pitch were of Polish extraction, however unfortunately for Poland they were playing in the white jerseys of Germany. From the opening moments Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose (whose family name was originally spelt Kloze) looked likely scorers. Indeed Podolski was eventually to notch both goals and give Germany a comfortable win.

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Anonymous said...

The amusing thing about the tournament so far is that it would appear England were prevented from participating by virtue of two extremely poor teams, Croatia and Russia. Germany, Holland and Spain seem to be the teams to beat.