Thursday, 26 June 2008

'Deez' new management - 'we're going to get Hunters kicking again'

A follow-up to Beano’s post on Hunters / Vaughans / Deez (which an anonymous commenter informs us below, was originally known as the Ashley Arms) I have been asking a few questions and have got to the bottom of what’s currently happening with the pub.

Apparently the place’s owners are a company known as the Dual Group. Hunters’ incarnation as Deez was not an initiative of this group who instead had leased the premises out to whichever genius conceived the gaudy colour scheme and '600 capacity venue' marketing nonsense.

Clearly Deez was every bit as unsuccessful as this blog predicted initially and its lease has now reverted to the original owners. The manager I spoke to last night says that a return to the name Hunters is imminent, although I had to chuckle when he stated that his aim was to get ‘Hunters kicking again’.

I have to credit my girlfriend with the observation, ‘they should forget about getting it kicking and just let it kick back’. Although given our anonymous commenter's contribution, perhaps the promise should in any case be to get 'the Ashley kicking again'.


Hernandez said...

That's good to hear. Look forward to having a pint when it reverts to Hunters. Thankfully I've never been exposed to 'Deez'.

Anonymous said...

Will it be NI football fan friendly?

beano said...

Great news. I was starting to worry a little when I drove past on Monday and, externally at least, nothing appeared to have changed.

Good to hear I wasn't chasing shadows on that rumour :)

Chekov said...

Will it be NI football fan friendly?

I assume that the management will revert to whoever ran the bar when it re-opened last as plain old Hunters. The only game during that period was Denmark at home and there wasn't an issue. The bar staff wore t-shirts with NI stuff on the front. As far as I recall the NI unfriendly time was only for a brief spell when the bar was Vaughans.

BG said...

Alternatively, head across the road to a decent pub called Ryan's (formerly the Four in Hand).