Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Republicans pose threat to Alzheimer's sufferer Hermon

Dissident republicans attempt to carry on the campaign of terror which the bulk of their fellow travellers have strategically abandoned. The latest brave action they have been involved in is gathering intelligence on the whereabouts of the gravely ill ex RUC Chief Constable Sir Jack Hermon. On police advice his wife, the UUP MP Lady Sylvia Hermon, has arranged to move her husband, who needs 24 hour care for Alzheimer’s disease, from a sick bed in a nursing home.

The News Letter condemns
the fanaticism of the dissidents, reminding us that those responsible for these actions are the same people who organised and carried out the Omagh bomb and reflecting that they appear ‘devoid of all sense of humanity’. It is worth remembering that all that separates these people from mainstream republicanism is simply a lack of pragmatism. Morally they are made from exactly the same stuff and mainstream republicanism’s ‘war’ required an identical mentality.

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