Thursday, 29 May 2008

Empey seeks Scottish graduates for NI jobs

I went to Scotland to study, my girlfriend acquired her first degree in Scotland, my sister was educated in two universities in Scotland, a high percentage of my friends attended universities in Scotland and I would estimate that approximately one third of my school year did likewise. Universities in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen are filled with Northern Irish students and naturally many do not return to these shores when their studies are completed.

Sir Reg Empey has been spearheading a campaign, not to reverse the trend, but rather to attract graduates from Scotland to Northern Ireland to work. To this end four top companies lined up alongside the Minister for Education and Learning at Glasgow University’s Summer Graduate Fair at the SECC. The intention is to establish a presence at various graduate fairs throughout Britain.

This is a welcome initiative and I hope it is a successful one. The brain drain is a marked phenomenon, but it is healthy for talented people from Northern Ireland to move throughout the UK and play a full role in the success of the country. To offset this movement we simultaneously must seek to attract talented people from the rest of the United Kingdom, to contribute to this region of their country.


Kloot said...


I saw your comments on this on the slugger thread. Is it just me or is slugger dying a slow death. Its just one big magnet for those who want to lob stones over the fence at those on the other side.

They have some real talent in their contributors and some of the commentators, from either side, can be extremely interesting and worth reading, but then you have to filter those comments out of the drivel.. frustrating.

Chekov said...

Personally I think you're right. A lot of the comments zones are hard to stomach.

Chekov said...

I've got to admit I got a bit annoyed on that thread on Slugger. I directly copied and pasted a paragraph from the above article, as it reflected what I had to say about the matter and I was immediately being lambasted for referring to the UK as a country! An awful lot of posters seem to want to present their analysis of how evil the other side is in microcosm, no matter what the thread is. Then you have the legions of republicans with their black crow being white arguments re Columbia and a host of other issues. So when Newton Emerson's satire on education / Columbia is mentioned there's a queue of people ranting incoherently about its evils. Or else we have every IRA atrocity disclaimed and chalked up to British intelligence. Or you might prefer the derision heaped on the entwined lives series of essays! very depressing stuff in the main.

Buggerhed said...

What jobs?