Thursday, 29 May 2008

Good riddance, as wastrel heads to 'Tics

In terms of unrealised potential, Harry Kewell must be amongst Liverpool FC’s most disappointing transfer deals. The Australian had a great deal of talent, but singularly lacked the desire and application to translate that ability into match winning performances at Anfield. I for one will be breathing a sigh of relief if, as the Belfast Tele is reporting, the club cut their losses and send Kewell packing to Celtic. At Parkhead he can hobble unwillingly down the wing looking forlornly at the bench or suffer gout as much as he pleases without Liverpool shelling out £75k a week.

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Dinamo said...

As ye sow so shall ye reap.
Liverpool fc having spent 12 months tapping up and having agreed £2m for the agent £2m for the player and a pittance for the club (in this case Leeds United) were pleased to announce that the days of slavery were over. In fairness to hoolier the stardust of Leeds United at the time would have seduced any manager.
Since then liverpool have achieved 4th place on several occasions and enlarged their shop.