Tuesday, 20 May 2008

London, Chicago and Cullybackey

At the risk of losing my readership entirely, I couldn’t resist drawing attention to this confluence of famous TV programme, be-afroed Northern Irish singing sensation and the province’s finest village, Cullybackey.

Not only has Duke Special produced the theme tune for Northern Ireland’s version of Sesame Street, alongside children from the Diamond Primary School, his newsletter also details venues where the Duke will record his new album, “London, Chicago and Cullybackey”.

The attractions of London and Chicago will pale into insignificance when the Duke samples a chicken fillet burger from the Moby Chip. Although if he fancies a drink in Wylies, there’s a possibility his keyboard skills might be required to play the Queen on the trusty Casio at closing time.

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Nelly said...

Wylie's? Scarey place.