Monday, 4 February 2008

McGimpsey's courage is admirable

Although my preferences are not hidden, I have tried as far as possible to prevent this blog becoming too party political. When I disagree with something emanating from the Ulster Unionist Party, I do not hesitate in raising my objection.

I do not apologise however for highlighting the political courage being demonstrated by Michael McGimpsey as he merges four health boards into one and slims down the bloated bureaucracy that afflicts the NHS in this country.

Mr McGimpsey is translating words into action, the quality which is conspicuously lacking in other parties (see below). His initiative will cost 1,700 jobs which are not needed, but will allow services to be delivered on the front line.


Ignited said...

Four health boards into one is ambitious. What happens when the medical unions such as the BMA come out against McGimpsey and criticise his knowledge and handling of the NHS?

In UUP terms if decisions are taken to close, for example, Inver House in Larne, and the UUP cllrs openly come out against ther own minister, how will this go done?

McGimpsey needs a lot of courage, but first and formonst he needs to make the effort towards the unions to find common ground.

Chekov said...

I do not believe that the medical unions will wish to hamper the efficiency of NHS bureaucracy. Surely their prime concern is for medical professionals, not office staff! Those are the jobs that are on the line here.