Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Following the Russian election online

Although I suspect that my comment about Russia is the least read content on this blog, there is an election in just over two weeks time and I shall plough ahead posting about it whether youse are interested or not!

In this spirit I thought I might highlight some of the main sources through which the election can be followed over the next few weeks (for those who are interested in keeping up with events).

To begin with some background Rupert Wingfield Hayes has been compiling a series of articles over the past few weeks on the BBC’s website. The sequence follows the journalist on a trip along the Volga River where he tries to give a flavour of provincial European Russia as it prepares to go to the polls. The link is to his final instalment, but the previous articles are linked to the right of the page.

Only Dmitri Medvedev has English language content on his official webpage which also provides links to speeches given by United Russia’s candidate. For the perpetually curious the other candidates, Bogdanov, Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov all have Russian language only sites.

For a sideway glance at the election the eXile is worth investigating. The Moscow Times’ perspective is that of western ex-pats and its sister paper the St Petersburg Times also provides coverage. The Russian Information and News network provides the Kremlin’s viewpoint and conversely Russia Profile magazine is funded by the UK government. Pravda also has an erratically translated online edition.

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