Monday, 4 February 2008

What we badly need in Northern Ireland is more commissioners

Hot on the heals of four Victims’ Commissioners being appointed rather than one, Sinn Fein’s Francie Brolly has appealed for another commissioner, this time for the Irish Language. No doubt this would entail a £65,000 salary, a lengthy selection process and a successful campaign for an Ulster Scots’ Commissioner.

Given the news that Catriona Ruane is opposed to academic selection, not only at 11, but at any age, perhaps we shouldn’t be permitting an elitist process such as job interviews at all. Why shouldn’t everyone in Northern Ireland have an equal right to become a commissioner of some kind in our burgeoning quango industry? After all we are already making rapid strides in that direction.

I would be only too happy to become Commissioner of Blog Writing Football Mad Civic Unionist Russophiles and work strenuously to ensure government delivers for my interest group.

This weekend my girlfriend and I were grievously inconvenienced on finding that our new toilet didn’t work properly and our new landlord had not cut an extra key which worked. If only I could have contacted the Commissioner for Moving House!

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O'Neill said...

"Commissioner for Moving House" won't be able to help; he's unavailable the minute as he's in lengthy negotiations with the "Commissioner for Landlords" over the subject of tenancy agreements meeting the equality criteria as laid down by the "We're quangoists and no one else will give us a job" Commissioners.