Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Eamon Dummy

Eamon Dunphy is a pitiful excuse for a journalist.

Hernandez has highlighted the following via Football 365:

"Eamon Dunphy: 7.40pm. Tuesday night. 'Inter are a great side. I fear for Liverpool'. 'Italian teams have a great pedigree in Europe and I fancy them tonight'. Eamon Dunphy: 9.40 pm. Tuesday night. 'Inter are not a good side'. They are below the level of the likes of AC Milan.....' (who incidentally are 21 points behind Inter in Serie A'."


CW said...

If you're old enough to remember the 1990 World Cup, the classic spat he had with Jack Charlton at a press conference confirmed him as a total prick. "A bitter little man" as big Jack described him - absolutely priceless!

Chekov said...

Alas I am that old. Dunphy is particularly bitter against Liverpool.

Hernandez said...

Anyone who writes Roy Keane's biography is worthy of public execution in my book.

Chekov said...

His championing of Keane's thuggery and petulance against Mick McCarthy was distasteful in the extreme. You can do what you like if you're a good player and a Manc as far as Dunphy is concerned.