Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Where in the world is Lady Sylvia Hermon? (4)

From shameful to shameless.  The MP for North Down HAS been sighted at the House of Commons this term.  She deigned to turn up to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.  And indeed she actually briefly broke her silence in the main chamber at Northern Ireland questions, bothering herself about the demise of the murderous thug Billy Wright.  Since then, according to They Work for You, nothing.  Including no votes at all, zero, nadda.


Seymour Major said...

I notice that her website has been inactive since June.

If she's not careful, she will soon acquire the nickname "Lazy Sylvia Hermon"

slug said...

Glad you are keeping tabs on her. While I have been monitoring her, I've been impressed by comparison with the DUP and SDLP MPs, who do ask questions, raise points, and take the job seriously.

Hermon is a terrible MP in terms of the actual job in the HoC.

O'Neill said...

I have her on Google Alert, meaning anytime her name appears online I get notified. Diddly squat since her last trip to the HOC. Even The Bangor Spectator would appear to have lost track of NI's most elusive MP, so not up to much in her constituency it would appear.

O'Neill said...

*Lady Hermon Alert*

Google has informed me of an apparent sighting of lady H within the last week!

Not at Westminster admittedly: