Monday, 4 October 2010

Trevor Ringland resigns from the UUP

I'm currently listening to Talkback where Trevor Ringland has announced his reluctant resignation from the UUP.  He is currently explaining his reasons and fending off strident criticism.  The Ulster Unionists, he contends, should be doing more to oppose 'managed segregation'.  Although he acknowledges that he backed himself into a corner, with his ultimatum to Tom Elliott, insisting that the leader should attend a GAA match.

He quits hot on the heals of the news about Paula Bradshaw and although it is in slightly unusual circumstances, it will become much more significant if the trickle of departures becomes a stream.  


Dilettante said...

... and Conservative headhunters spring into action?

Jon Flour said...

following on from:
- B-Mac's defeat in the leadership election to a Fermanagh Orangeman; and,
- Bradshaw's defeat in the South Belfast MLA nomination selection

what future the liberal and progressive strand of the UUP?

Time to find a different home?

Anonymous said...

If Paula Bradshaw leaves she will pass Ian Parsley who is travelling toward the UUP from the Tories.

I doubt there will be any more departures after Ringland.

Alex Kane explains in today's News Letter.

Seymour Major said...

I could not find Kane's piece today but Liam Clarke wrote a response to his article last week.

I prefer the analysis of Liam Clarke

I can assure you that Ian Parsley wont be joining the UUP.

Anonymous said...


Suggest you read Ian Parsley's own blog!

Ulster Tory said...

"I doubt there wil be any more departures after Ringland. Alex Kane explains in today's News Letter'

Alex predictions proved wrong again!
Bradshaw has quit - and she wont be the last

thedissenter said...

Seems a bit of musical chairs. Have any of these politicians worked out it is not what they think it is what the electorate thinks and in the two immediate instances the electorate thought they weren't worth electing on their favoured platform.