Friday, 15 October 2010

Three polls in one day for weary Ulster voters

Northern Ireland’s political parties face a triple electoral whammy next May, with local council and assembly polls taking place at the same time as the Alternative Vote referendum.

I wonder what appetite hard-working activists and an apathetic general public will have for campaigns starting in the grey months of Winter and running into the early Spring?

No doubt some of our representatives will be more up for the fight than others.  Still, it’s hard to envisage them inspiring a healthy turnout from an indifferent electorate.

If the menu of political options is unchanged, or even decreases from previous polls, even the anoraks among us may be scrabbling around for a candidate worth backing.

One interesting question for the run-up to May 5th  2011, how will the local parties advise their supporters to vote on AV?

If self-interest is the guiding principle, and surely it will be, you would imagine the UUP, SDLP and Alliance will back it enthusiastically, while the DUP and Sinn Féin might not be so keen.

The referendum should keep party number crunchers busy for the next few months.


Timothy Belmont said...

I wonder if we'll have the option of a Conservative & Unionist candidate in East Belfast...

Anonymous said...

After what Tom Elliot said it is very unlikely, however a Tory is possible.

Chekov said...

You realise that would be a Conservative and Unionist or are you an Ulster Nat?

Andrew said...

Ah good, I'll be able to vote this time...alternative

Anonymous said...

Why would Alliance back AV when it would wipe Big Naomi out?