Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Effective unionist representation at Westminster? DUP duck Speaker division.

Unionist Lite has dealt with Nigel Dodds’ expression of pompous concern about ‘maximising unionist representation at Westminster’. O’Neill points out in his piece that Dodds has only managed to ‘represent unionism at Westminster’ in 45% of divisions.

Yesterday the House of Commons debated a matter directly relevant to the nature of Parliamentary sovereignty in the United Kingdom. The debate, on the Speaker’s role in events surrounding the Metropolitan Police’s search of Damian Green’s Westminster office, dealt with elemental issues concerning the type of democracy which we have in the UK.

The House considered how free MPs in this country are to do their job unhindered and how effectively their ability to hold the executive to account is being upheld. An amendment, which would have allowed a Commons’ Inquiry Committee to consider the incident prior to the conclusion of the police’s investigation, was defeated by four votes. A clear reverse for Parliamentary scrutiny on a crucial issue.

Mr Dodds and his party colleagues did not attend. Neither did Lady Sylvia Hermon, who is mourning the death of her husband. But is it not indicative of the DUP’s attitude to Westminster that not one of its MPs could turn for such a vital vote? As Danny Kennedy has remarked,

“This shows just how singularly useless the DUP’s dual-mandate MPs are. This was a crucial vote. The Commons should have been able to investigate the Damian Green affair right away. The DUP has allowed the government to get off the hook yet again.”


Anonymous said...

"This shows just how singularly useless the DUP’s dual-mandate MPs are."

Though apparently less useless than Sylvia Hermon who has only voted in 29% of votes in this Parliament. Funny you didn't mention that in your post you smug Tory cretin.

Michael Shilliday said...

If your father and spouse had died recently, you'd have been off work for a while too.

Anonymous said...

Over the course of the entire Parliament. Not the last few months Michael - stop trying to hide behind Lady Hermon's personal grief - it's disgusting.

Chekov said...

What is disgusting is coming on a website anonymously to impugn a recently bereaved woman who has been attempting to do her job whilst looking after her fatally ill husband for the last few years. maybe you want to look at her voting record in the previous Parliament, which was A COUNTRY MILE better than any DUP MP.

Chekov said...

Incidentally there is no point leaving any more anonymous abuse. i will simply delete it.

Anonymous said...

I would never ever seek to impugn Lady Hermon in any one way. I have a very high regard for her as a person. What I do not have a high regard for however, is smug UUP-Tory cheerleaders like yourself attacking others when your own party rep has a worse record.

Feigning moral outrage is no defence for hypocrisy on your part

Anonymous said...

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