Monday, 15 December 2008

Buy your official Northern Ireland inflatable wife!

Northern Ireland tops are selling for £15 a pop this Christmas via the Irish Football Association shop. A few years ago there was a drought of available merchandise for the discerning fan to purchase and the organisation’s web sales operation was non-existent.

Whether a surfeit of commercial enthusiasm has infected Windsor Avenue this year, I am not entirely certain, but there are some interesting products for sale on the IFA’s website.

For when Ballymena reach the Irish Cup final? The charmingly entitled ‘wank wipes’.

For those long bus rides to Setanta games? The ‘Nookii’ game.

And the piece de resistance, for when your wife leaves you after too many GAWA away trips! An inflatable wife.

Who said Howard Wells was the moderniser and Raymond Kennedy a return to type? The last time I bought tickets from IFA HQ I received two free packets of Tayto crisps. What will my San Marino tickets be accompanied by?

(Sits back and waits to see what Google searches are referred to this site)

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Hernandez said...

Extraordinary. I've been wondering what to get my da for christmas. I can't seem to find the megastore link on the IFA site though.